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 How we got to where we are today:


    SAD44 School Board voted to close Andover Elementary
    Andover citizens voted to keep AES open by paying 
    the difference in the budget of $214,000.  (This was a net increase of around $188k)
    Citizens began meeting weekly to research options
    A fund raising campaign began to help off-set taxation
    Over 70 citizens volunteered & donated over $10k 
    AES “Contractor’s Day”
September to February  
    A variety of events, like an “An Evening with Pete” and theater performance
    “Love Letters”, plus numerous raffles were held to off-set cost to the taxpayers. 
    Over $12k was used to offset taxation in 2011.
    Another $2k has been raised to reduce taxation in 2012.
    Year long   2011 AES principal, Beth Clarke, parents and teachers organized a successful and active after school program.


    Andover voted to offer an additional $68,000 (Which was the estimated additional facilities cost & Principal stipend in the AES budget)
    to try and sway the SAD44 board to keep AES open.
    The SAD44 accepted the check and voted to keep AES open another year.
    The SOS Subcommittee “on our own” petitioned to start the process to leave SAD44, due to the stress
    of battling closure every year for everyone and the impact on the future of the town.
    Andover residents voted to begin negotiations with SAD44 to leave the district.
    The legally required “withdrawal committee” was formed and they began meeting at least once a week with
    consultants and lawyers to present a Withdrawal Draft Agreement to SAD44.
   The Withdrawal Committee and the Chair of the SAD 44 Board sign an agreement to allow Andover to form its own school unit
   Information meeting held on December 5, 2013 to present a budget estimate prior to the vote to leave the district 
   that is scheduled for January 7, 2014
 The vote on January 7, 2014 went against leaving the district by a narrow margin. There are two groups working to 
 keep the school open. One working to leave the district by holding another vote; because the law allows a re-vote if the
 number of voters in favor of leaving the district equals 60%. This was the case. A second group consisting of Andover
 citizens and SAD 44 board members are working toward remaining in the district with a yet to be defined "long term agreement". 


After considering an offer from the SAD 44 Board, to return ownership of the Andover Elementary School to the town, then lease it back 
to the district; to be operated, by the district in 3 year increments, the following was implemented: The offer was removed from the 
Town Meeting Ballot leaving the one choice of re-submitting the original agreement to the voters, district, and Department of Education 
(DOE) to leave SAD 44 and go On Our Own.


At the Annual Town Meeting a vote to spend up to $180,000 to keep the school open for one more year, passed. Also passed was
the authorization to file a petition for withdrawal with SAD 44 and the DOE and allow $15,000 for the work to be done. The petition
was signed by 145 Andover residents.

The SAD 44 Board unanimously accepted the Andover $180,000 payment to continue the school's operation and appointed a sub-committee
to discuss the withdrawal process. Since 2011 Andover has paid SAD 44 $244,000 to keep Andover Elementary School open. This year's 
spending will bring that total to $602,000 on top of the roughly $450,000 Annual assessment the town pays.

To comply with DOE procedures a new Andover Withdrawal Committee (AWC) was formed. The new members are: Paula Lee Chair and member from the 
previous  committee, Jim Adler from the Andover Board of Selectmen, Tim Akers from the Andover contingent to the SAD 44 Board, and Sharon
Hutchins from the general public. The Withdrawal agreement was submitted to the SAD 44 Board with only the dates and debit amounts changed
to reflect amounts paid, over time. 
To date the Andover withdrawal Committee and the SAD 44 Withdrawal Subcommittee and Board Chair have signed the new agreement. And approval of the 
agreement was received from the DOE. All that remains now is voter approval. The date for that step is September 24, 2014. Informational meetings and 
hearings are being scheduled prior to the 24th.

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